Say Goodbye to Anxiety and Fear.

What is Zafrine

D-Cycloserine, the active compound in Zafrine, has been clinically proven to reduce, and in some cases, eradicate fears and anxiety with as little as two treatments.*

How Does it work?

Zafrine, targets NMDA receptors in the Amygdala, which is directly associated with conditioned fear. It enhances the NMDA glutamate receptor function by stimulating its high-affinity glycine binding site. By impairing these neurotransmitters, fear and anxiety are eliminated.

D-Cycloserine is clinically proven.

Clinically Proven

NMDA receptor impairment

Zafrine is long lasting

Long lasting

In some cases, treatment last up to three weeks

Zafrine is effective after 2 to 7 treatments

Simple and Effective

Effective after 2 to 7 treatments

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